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Welcome to the place in which we want to tell you our personal story: THE STORY OF LIFE.


We are Luigi and Kate (L and K) and here we show you our two cats standing close watching our world.


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Oh, it's a secret:

you may notice them in many of our works.

Try looking round for them....

We live in the beautiful city of Arezzo, a cultural gem in the heart of Tuscany. Here we exhibit and draw in our open house studio, when not on tour with our exhibition, 'The Story of Life'.....recently in Arezzo, Assisi, Spoleto, Firenze, Cortona, Cremona, Genova, Rome ....

International exhibitions have included Istanbul in Turkey, hosted by the prestigious Istanbul Teknik University, where we spent two months exhibiting and giving workshops and seminars to the architecture faculty. In winter 2015/16, 'The Story of Life' travelled to Fremantle near Perth, the capital of Western Australia, where the exhibition was inaugurated by the Italian Consulate.

In winter 2018/19 we took our exhibition to Arrowtown, near Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand. It was a huge success and we will be returning this year, again with the support of the Italian Consul.


The drawings are done using Pilot and Staedtler pens (0.03-0.5 mm nibs) on cotton paper made in Fabriano. Some are highlighted using coloured pencils, silver or gold. Every drawing tells a story (see Stories), from occupations to fairy tales, fantastic travels and sentiments....our extraordinary adventure told with a pen in black and white....

Incredibly, Luigi and Kate draw together on the same page...two hands, two minds....a unique and very special collaboration.


Working together, we transform a  100 x 70cm piece of white cotton paper into a completed ink drawing in about 500 hours. We start from scratch, usually without any pencil draft, but straight in with the pen. Two minds working in unison provide a wealth of ideas, based on our dreams, experiences and travels, which continue to grow day by day....the story of our lives.... and yours.


We would like to share our drawings with you. Some of the originals are for sale. Please feel free to email us if you are interested in an original. We also produce limited edition prints of all our drawings, so please browse through the gallery and once you have chosen visit the shop and place your order!

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If you don't have space for a print, why not treat yourself or someone close to a note or sketch book  covered with your favourite design? Diaries are also available on request. These make great presents... look out for special offers and products  around Christmas time!!  (shop for notebooks >)